Quagi for 432 Mhz

I built this 15 element Quagi with a wooden boom and 1/8 inch dia. brass rods for elements.

The antenna has 12db of gain and works beautifully.

Here it is on the test stand.


Here it's flying above my Cushcraft 13B2 2 meter beam

The driven element and reflector are #12 wire loops








Wide Band Antenna Project

11-10 meter ...Vertical Dipole

The following antenna is under construction and I have only done

a few measurements at very low height. Looks promising!

2:1 bandwidth is more than 3mhz. The antenna is designed to

cover effectively the entire 11 meter (CB) band and the entire

10 meter ham band, hopefully under 1.5:1.

Length......14' 3"


The feed is accomplished using 50 ohm coax,  fed "inside the 3/4" copper tube, there by shielding

the coax and taking it out of the pattern of the antenna. This allows a very sleek arrangement.

There will be a choke balun at the bottom of the tube where the coax exits. The first test showed the

antenna to be a little short with resonance at 29.7 MHz. I'm shooting for 27.900 at the center frequency.


Broadband, fan and cage dipoles are somewhat common. Vertical Dipoles using broadening techniques

much are less common. Where I will add is using the structure (3/4") copper tube as a shielded feed.

This antenna is designed to be pulled up in a tall tree. The pointed "V" lends to a smooth entry through

limbs. Also smooth return down again. The antenna is light 3 or 4 pounds but very strong. The struts are

fiberglass electric fence post.