GMC Syclone and Typhoon

The intercooler air scoop replaces the short, rubber flap that hangs straight down from the intercooler heat exchanger mounted under the front bumper.  The new stainless steel scoop is longer and angled forward to catch more air and direct it into the heat exchanger.  This drastically improves intercooler efficiency and reduces intake air temperatures.  Independent testing under race conditions proved this simple and inexpensive design to out perform other designs costing in excess of $150.00.  Note:  This scoop got a nick name from one owner who ran over a small animal at a high rate of speed.  It seems the scoop caught the poor animal at about neck height.  Without going into gross details, I will just say that the scoop got the affectionate nick name of Longwith’s Blade of Death front air scoop.

The engineers at PAS who designed and assemble all the go fast goodies for these trucks put a lot of time into air management through the engine compartment.  Because the very tight quarters under the hood and the routing of the exhaust through the turbo charger, the under hood temperatures can get very high.  One part that was installed to help the flow of air through the radiator is an air deflector under the engine.  It looks like a skid plate for a 4 x 4 truck except it is made of plastic and it is not very durable.  It’s function is to keep air under the truck moving towards the rear and not going back up in the engine compartment and competing with the air flow coming in through the radiator.  Unfortunately, the factory deflectors don’t last long.  They crack around the bolt holes and eventually are taken off by the owner for fall off on their own.  Many owners that bought their trucks second hand don’t even know they are missing.  The LTA version is made of aluminum and is guaranteed for life not to crack or break.  It can be used separately or with the front air scoop as they share some of the mounting bolts.

 picture of the “blade of death” front air scoop and the “skid plate” air deflector.


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